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Official Judges

Oleksandr Soroka
Managing Partner at Network VC
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Kelly Luo
Founder and Investor at Mans International
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Selcuk Ergin
Managing Partner at Boza Ventures
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Gaurav Shah
Managing Partner at Arete Ventures
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Kay Gruenwoldt
Investor at Riyadh Angel Syndicate
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Aldo B Schenone
Founder and CEO of Palgo Peru
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United Arab Emirates
Walied Albasheer
Founding Partner at Intuitio Ventures
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Expert Board

Subrata Patra
Managing Partner at IdeaCapital Ventures
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Alexandra Balkova
Partner & Head of Portfolio at Startup Wise Guys
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Sudhir Kadam
Venture Partner at FYDA Growth Partners
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Federico Giannetti, Ph.D.
Principal at Inveo Capital
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Mikk Orglaan
Founding Partner at Fstage.VC
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Miguel Martin
HC Spain & SG Global Startups Committee at WBAF
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Mr Gajo Vanka
Group Chief Financial Officer at Fashion Union Limited
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Marcelo Carrullo
Managing Partner at Drummond Ventures
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Joao Cerqueira
Founder of iStrategy, 21Ventures
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Jay Patel
CEO and founder of EDGE196
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Narayana Swaroop
Venture Partner at ah! Ventures
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Gary Fowler
CEO, President, Co-Founder at GSD Venture Studios
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Nadav Attias
Managing Partner at Cukierman & Co. Investment House
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Paul Aver
Managing Partner of Frontier Path Venture Capital
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Helmuts Lejnieks
Board Member at European Business Angels Network
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Leenesh Singh
Managing Partner at Doozie Venture Fund and Cofounder of 10000StartupsIndia
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Fara Wan
Founder of Alpha One Ventures
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Jonathan Chang
Founder, CEO Sartorian Ventures.
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Kazuki Kaneuchi
Manager of Business Development at SoftBank Telecom America Corp.
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Adib Basbous
Partner at EPOQ Partners
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Benjamin Radomski
Partner at Spin Ventures
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Paul Claxton
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Alvin Kersting
Partner at Portfolio Operating Partners
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Jordan M Wahbeh
Managing Partner @ SV Venture Group
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Grant Lawrence
President at Valhalla Angels Vancouver
President Valhalla Angels Kelowna

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Jim Thomas
Founder & CEO JPT Ventures
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Jules Walker
Managing Director KPMG’s Emerging Technology Practice
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Victoria Mehran
Venture Partner at Expert Dojo
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Startups pitching live

Media Partners

Global partners

Unicorn Battle in Software & Services + Data management,
November 10, 2022

Welcome to the online Unicorn Battles Software & Services + Data management – part of the World Largest Startup Pitch Contest where famous international VCs and Business Angels meet extraordinary startups from all over the world!   

Startups creating Software solutions and digital Services and developing Data management are welcomed to pitch their ideas

Apply to be selected to pitch at the Unicorn Battles dedicated to one of the most marketable spheres of contemporaneity - Software & Services + Data management!

As our statistics show: $350+ mln was received in funding by our WINNERS.

Our partner: Silicon Valley in Your Pocket gives Unicorn Events’ applicants an access to their self-paced accelerator program to upgrade your pitch to attract more investors. Check it out now!

To apply – click the Attend button and register your Startup at the Event Page and our team will contact you with feedback upon your email request. 

The Unicorn Events are broadcasted all over the world and each time attract hundreds of VCs, Angels and entrepreneurs desirous to find their best deals on venture market!  

Use the opportunity to pitch your solution at the Unicorn Battle Software & Services + Data managemen.

Participation for startups is FREE and provides the possibility to:   

- appear in front of the famous venture funds, business angels and private investors;   

- acquire practical advice from experienced VC professionals;   

- become a constant member of the global fast-growing investment community; 

- find clients; 

- expand your network.    

* The deadline for applications is November 7th, 2022. 
* Guideline fo registering –

Please notice, only 10 startups will be selected for pitching live!   

Based on the results of the Judges’ online voting, the startup with the highest score will be chosen as the winner of the Unicorn Battles Software & Services + Data management and will be qualified to represent the industry at the GRAND FINALS.

To join us as a guest, please, register at the Eventbrite page

Date and time: November 10th, 2022, 9:00 am PDT 

See you at the Unicorn Battles Software & Services + Data managemen! 

Contact us:

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1 Session
1 Session
1 Session
Please, note the approximate agenda for PDT – UTC -8:
08:50 - 09:00 : Connecting
09:00 - 09:15 : Introduction by Organizers
09:15 - 09:30 : Jury Performance
09:30 – 10:45 : Startup Pitch Session

Each founder will have 3 minutes for a pitch, and another 3 minutes for questions, comments, and suggestions by Judges.

10:45 - 11:00 : Winners announcement and networking


More details