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Official Judges

Alexander Soroka
Managing Partner at Network VC
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Kelly Luo
Founder and Investor at Mans International
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Jim Thomas
Founder & CEO JPT Ventures
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Albena Todorova
Venture Partner with Rabo Ventures and a Rockstart AgriFood Mentor
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Miguel Martin
High Commissioner Spain + Vice-President of Global Startups Committee
World Business Angels Investment Forum
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Kay Gruenwoldt
Investor at Riyadh Angel Syndicate
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Gabriel Zanko
General Partner at Urano Capital
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Yurii Sereshchenko
Learn more
Michal Zalesak
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Lighthouse Ventures
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Aldo Schenone
Founder and CEO of Palgo Peru, Founder of Globalsat Peru and ST2
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Subrata Patra
Managing Partner at IdeaCapital Ventures
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Expert Board

Purvi Gandhi
Partner, CFO at Hone Capital.

Purvi has over 20 years of experience in CFO roles in the international investment management industry, across Silicon Valley and Asia, along with startup company experience.

Through her roles as CFO at H&Q Asia Pacifi
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Ana Maury Aguilar
VC Investor at AC Ventures
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Federico Giannetti, Ph.D.
Principal at Inveo Capital
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Paul Aver
Managing Partner of Frontier Path Venture Capital
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David Mandel
Managing partner at Emerging Ventures
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Marcelo Carrullo
Managing Partner at Drummond Ventures
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Dr. Karl Schäcke
Chief Operating Officer at ASTA Group
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Nurul Hai
Vice President, SEAF
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Pavel Bogdanov
General Partner at Almaz Capital
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Gajo Vanka
Group Chief Financial Officer at Fashion Union Limited
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Paul Smith
Managing Partner at QALA Partners.
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Adib Basbous
Partner at EPOQ Partners
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Kivilcim Cayli
Managing Partner, Pareto Ventures
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Marco Di Miceli
Managing Partner and Co-Founder Sequitur Capital
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Shahana Sharmin
Executive Board Member at Field Ready
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Aditya Aggarwal
Principal, Industrial Innovation Venture Fund at BDC Capital
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Kieran Gartlan
Managing Director at The Yield Lab.
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Ahmet Berker Argun
Founder and Managing Partner of Lima Ventures
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Albert Malaty
Managing Director , Cairo Seed Program Flat6Labs
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Anton Neschadim
Venture Capital at the GreenSky Capital Inc.
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Benjamin Radomski
Partner at Spin Ventures
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Cristian Lavarreda
Founding partner of Esource Capital
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Dalal AlGhawas
Program Director at Big Idea Ventures
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Daniel Sarquis
Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Mergus Ventures
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Dr. Eike B. Post
Managing Partner at Nuclear Block Ventures
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Eugene Ong
Senior VP of Strategy @ TAIGER | Venture Investor @ VU Venture Partners | Founder/MD @ Blue Lake Capital
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Giuseppe Donvito
Partner at P101 Ventures
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Guenter Kraft
Managing Partner and Founder of Xariva Ventures
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Ian Ziddah
Operating Partner at Chanzo Capital
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Jonathan Chang
Founder, CEO Sartorian Ventures.
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Ketevan Ebanoidze
Co-founder and Co-CEO of Impact Hub Tbilisi
Learn more
Nektar Baziotis
Learn more
Ömür Filiz
Founder&CEO at Technolera Venture Lab
Learn more
Peter Hlavnicka
Venture Partner at R3i Ventures Singapore, Founder/CEO Phi Ventures Pte Ltd
Learn more
Rafeh Saleh
Founding Partner of Cubit ventures
Learn more
Ruchi Dana, MD, MBA
Partner of DANA Group, Venture Partner of FundRx
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Roger King
Founder of BayAngels
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Muhammad Salman Anjum
Managing Director at Avantas Technology Accelerator
Bin Zayed Group
Learn more
Selcuk Ergin
Managing Partner at Boza Ventures
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Steven Yung
Managing Partner at Glocal LLC
Learn more
Tomas Cironis
Learn more
Viorel Scarlat
Founding Partner of SARMIS Capital
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Sudhir Kadam
Venture Partner at FYDA Growth Partners
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Victoria Mehran
Venture Partner at Expert Dojo
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Arkady Kulik
Founder of RPV.GLOBAL
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Narayana Swaroop
Venture Partner at ah! Ventures
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Paul Claxton
Learn more
Jordan M Wahbeh
Managing Partner @ SV Venture Group
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Luigi Meschini
Head of Accelerator Funding Network at The Accelerator Network Ltd
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Terry Seal
Venture Builder | VC Investor | Senior Venture Developer at
Learn more
Elisabeth Øvstebø
Investment Director I Co-Founder Link Venture Capital I Link Capital
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Gary Fowler
CEO, President, Co-Founder at GSD Venture Studios
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Michael Conniff
Chairman and CEO at Murray Lane Ventures
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Hesham Zreik
CEO FasterCapital, Forbes TOP-50 Angel Investors
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Kellie O Hara
Operational Partner at Reciprocity ROI LLC
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Startups pitching live

Media Partners

Global partners

Industry Agnostic Unicorn Battle,
October 20, 2022

Welcome to the online Industry Agnostic Unicorn Battle – part of the World Largest Startup Pitch Contest where famous international VCs and Business Angels meet extraordinary startups from all over the world! 

Up to 10 startups from all over the world will be selected to pitch LIVE! 

If you have an innovative, join our new INDUSTRY-CENTRIC FALL season! Raise your next round in 2022!

* We accept startups at any stage, but having traction and paying customers will be a plus. 

Famous VCs and Angel-Investors will join us to find the best deals for their portfolios, and so can you!

As our statistics show: $350+ mln was received in funding by our WINNERS.

This event is powered by Startup.Network.

Whether you are an Investor looking for future Unicorns, a Corporation looking for a solution or a Startup with an outstanding MVP seeking funds for the next round – JOIN INDUSTRY AGNOSTIC UNICORN BATTLE!

The event is widely broadcasted throughout the whole world via social media channels and our partner’s network.

Our VC and Angels' community of 1000+ famous people are eagerly waiting for you pitching LIVE!

All accredited investors are welcome to join the special Network VC Syndicate Fund Series Ukraine that was created specially for investing in Ukrainian startups and is a main sponsor of Unicorn Events.

For special donations, partnering and sponsoring, please contact our CEO, Anna Fedorova at

Pitching at the Unicorn Battles is absolutely FREE!

To apply – click ATTEND button at the top of the page, select the STARTUP role and fill in all the required fields. After that, our team will contact you and provide feedback.

* Guideline fo registering –

Please notice, only 10 startups will be selected for pitching live!

To join us as a guest, please, register at the Eventbrite page.

See you at the Industry Agnostic Unicorn Battle!

For inquiries, please, contact

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1 Session
1 Session
1 Session
San Francisco time zone:
08:50 - 09:00 am : Check-in

09:00 - 09:15 am : Introduction by Organizers

09:15 - 09:30 am : Jury Performance

09:30 – 10:30 am : Startup Pitch Session

Each founder will have 3 minutes for a pitch, and another 3 minutes for questions, comments, and suggestions by Judges.

10:30 - 11:00 am : Winners announcement and networking
More details