Unicorn CUP Finals | Winter CUP Q1, 2021

VCs & Angels
This event will be held online
February 18, 2021


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Alexander Soroka
CEO & Founder at Startup.Network
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Jordan Wahbeh
Managing Partner of SV Venture Group, advisor to several companies, VP at Scorpion Capital.
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Henry H. Ngan
Founder&Managing Partner at HHN Capital LLC, Venture Partner at VU Venture Partners
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Babatunde Ogunleye-Johnson
Partner at Le Bleu Ventures Ltd
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Jules Walker
Senior Director, KPMG’s Emerging Technology Practice.
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Sanville Moses
CEO at Waymaker Venture SA
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Kabir Mohamed
Founder and Director of Business Development at DNA Capital.
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Michael Counihan
A Partner at NewTech Capital
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Paul G. Putz
Managing Partner bei Danube Angels
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Luca Cartechini
VC Investor at Pretiosum Ventures
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Preeti Chaudhary
Head of Investments, Partnerships & Alliances at Infocrest LLP. Founder of LinkedinLocal India - the Linked Inc property & community that is now present in 240+ cities of the world!
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Pavel Bogdanov
General Partner at Almaz Capital
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Abid Malik
Managing Director, Indus Venture
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Marcelo Carrullo
Marcelo leads Drummond Ventures focusing on the Brazil-US connection.
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Hesham Zreik
CEO FasterCapital, Forbes TOP-50 Angel Investors
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Peter Hlavnicka
Mentor, Venture Partner, Author, Board Director, COO, IP Licensing, Commercialization & Compliance, Brand Protection, Supply Chain Security, Operations.
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Jarmo Haapalainen
President at DSMS Inc, Venture Partner Scandinavia at Smartup Capital
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Roger King
Founder of BayAngels
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Dr. Ella Li
Partner of ZGC Innovation fund, and also service as the VP of ZGC Capital Corporation in Silicon Valley leading ZGC’s team in investment and incubator operation
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Nomso Kana
Board Member of Seda
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Benjamin Radomski
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Marc Mogalle
Managing Director at Business Buddies
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Victoria Mehran
Associate at Expert Dojo. Seasoned financial analyst, worked in various industries of S&T, Semidocuctor, Automotive, E-commerce, and Private Equity. With extensive knowledge in Forecasting, Budgeting, Cash Flow analysis, Business Development, M&A
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Aldo Schenone
Founder and CEO of Palgo Peru, Founder of Globalsat Peru and ST2
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Paul Smith
Managing Partner at QALA Partners.
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Brett Noyes
Founder and Managing Director of Unbank.Ventures
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Yagub Rahimov
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Kivilcim Cayli
Managing Partner, Pareto Ventures
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Shahana Sharmin
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Cyrill von Senger
Von Senger Capital | Investment and Innovation
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Roberto Croci
Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups MEA at Microsoft
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Owen Reynolds
VC Investor at Pretiosum Ventures
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Arijit Bhattacharyya
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Roman Nikitov
Head of ICU Ventures
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Giles Farley
Director at ICU Ventures
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Zakhar Deriuga
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Jiazi Guo
Angel Investor. Partner at LEGO Ventures.
UC Berkeley Alumni, entrepreneur since age 16. Formerly investment banker, hedge fund. Currently active venture capitalist and mentor at alchemist accelerator and more.
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Maryna Burushkina
Founder & CEO at Growth Channel | Digital Consultant & Traine
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Julia Zhou
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Startups pitching live

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This event will be held online

Unicorn CUP Finals | Winter CUP Q1, 2021,
February 18, 2021

Welcome to the Finals of the World Largest Startup Pitch Contest!

The winners of the preliminary Unicorn Battles from all over the world will pitch live at our final gala-event all day long on February 18, 2021.

Only 15 extraordinary startups presenting each their country will pitch live at the UNICORN CUP Finals: 1-day event! 

Best startups were selected during the Preliminary Unicorn Battles® that took place online covering North America, Latin America, Silicon Valley, Asia, Middle East, Southeastern Asia & Oceania, Africa, Eastern & Western Europe this Winter. 

Extraordinary startups presenting each region will pitch live at the UNICORN CUP Finals this Winter! 

Famous VCs and Angel-Investors will join us to find the best deals for their portfolios, and so can you!

You will see extraordinary international startups from different industries – all in one place! 

In addition, the best startups from all over the world will participate in EXPO - presenting their solutions and ideas that you can explore and contact directly.

We have already organized more than 240+ Unicorn Battles in all major locations of the World.

As our statistics show: $132 mln was received in funding by our WINNERS.

Based on the results of the Judges’ voting startup with the highest score will be chosen as the winner of the Unicorn CUP Finals | WINTER CUP 2021!

Unicorn CUP Finals is crucial to bring together entrepreneurs and investors. 

If you are a Business Angel or a Private Investor and would like to find extraordinary startups for your portfolio, - Unicorn CUP Finals is a perfect match. 

Get global access to the best and brightest startups ever. 

During pitches you’ll have the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and get detailed information on your request after the event.  

See you at the Unicorn CUP Finals this Winter. 

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